Grace Through Life's Storms

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Heather Hornback-Bland

My Story:
I would like to share with you some of my life's joys and pains. My hope is that in sharing my story, I can give hope to the hopeless and to those that are blessed with so much, a desire to give and be thankful.

I am blessed to be able to speak on a number of topics including "Being Strong," "Trusting That God Will Provide," "Persevering Through Pain (When You Don't Want To)," "Life After Divorce," "God Showed His Unconditional Love," and many more.

Press Room:
My speaking engagements and the tremendous efforts people make to support me and my ministry make their way into the papers.

A true gift to me, my daughter Mackenzie, has an incredible story all to herself. And a page all to herself, too!

The Book:
"God Said Yes" is the title of my life story in book stores on October 1, 2007. Penguin Group is the publishing my life story. We are so excited to tell you that you can pre-order "God Said Yes" on

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